Dec/Jan 2018
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Opening Notes
Humphrey O'Sullivan; The Bunga Bunga Escapade

The "Trial of the Century"
Fred Rosen looks at newspaper reporter William Barclay "Bat" Masterson's coverage of a sensational 1906 murder trial in New York State

Rake, Rascal, and Reprobate
David A. Norris takes a look back at the scandalous life of Colonel Daniel Parke

An Anonymous Burial and War-Time Secret
Robbie Gorr looks at a secretive British operation that saw thousands of Chinese laborers transported across Canada and then onward to battlefields in Europe

The Boston Press and the Halifax Explosion
Michael Dupuis looks at how the State of Massachusetts and the City of Boston came to the aid of a northern neighbor

Jessie Lincoln's Secret Wedding
Cyndy Irvine looks at the 1897 elopement between Abraham Lincoln's granddaughter and a star college football player

The Sinking of the USS Callaghan
Andreas Forrer recounts the sinking of the last Allied warship by Kamakaze attack in July 1945

William Nevison: Highwayman
Eric Bryan examines the life of the legendary Yorkshire highwayman and how accounts of his exploits evolved through the years

Escape to Freedom: A Forestry Revolution
Kianna Gnap looks at the arrival of Hungarian student refugees in Canada in 1956, and their impact on the Canadian forestry industry

The 1916 Trial of William Shakespeare
David Kruh looks back at how the good name of the Bard was tested in a Chicago courtroom three hundred years hence

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