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Opening Notes
Cuckoo Clocks; The Birth of the Hot Air Balloon; Albert Gallatin: Founding Foreigner; Shakespeare Brings the House Down

Power Brokers
Terrence Cooley looks back at commanding speakers of the U.S. House of Representatives

Florence Confederate Prison Stockade
John Christopher Fine looks at the history and efforts of the Friends of the Florence Stockade to preserve the Civil War gravesite.

The Murder of Juan Borgia
by E.R Zarevich

The Federal Reserve System - A Short History
by Lance Richey

The United States Supreme Court Defied: The Murder of Ed Johnson
Ty Goodwin looks at the only criminal ase to be heard before the United States Supreme Court

The Persistence of Doubt
Robbie Gorr recounts the mysterious death and burial of artist Tom Thomson

Hardeen: Heir to Secrets and Illusions
by Sue Lisk

Prohibition & Hard Cider
Steven Neill says when legend becomes fact, print the legend

Nova Scotia Colony 1629
Brendan Sainsbury looks at Scotland's short-lived attempt to secure an American colony

Ties that Bind Through History
Lisa Evans tours America's National Churchill Museum

One Week in History
Mark Weisenmiller reports on the numerous news and social events of the most momentous week in 20th Century United States HIstory

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