August/September 2019
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Opening Notes
The Man Who Destroyed Shakespeare's House; Philately

A Death in New York City
David Kruh looks at the remarkable life, and sudden death, of the man who brought many improvements to radio

1873 Sinking of the RMS Atlantic
Chuck Lyons recounts the tragic sinking of the four-masted White Star liner in the North Atlantic

The Discovery and Impact of Homeopathy
Linda Beach looks at how Samuel Hahnemann changed the face of 18th century medicine

The Four Georges
David A. Norris looks at the reigning monarchs of the Georgian era

Spyker Automobiles
Eric Bryan looks back at a Dutch automobile manufacturing company that ruled the road in early 20th century Europe

Katherine Stinson: International Champion Aviatrix
Brian D'Ambrosio looks at how a young woman from Alabama would become known as the "world's greatest woman pilot"

George Bannerman Dealey: A Big Man in Texas
Greg Ford looks at the remarkable life of the man who made many contributions to the City of Dallas.

Tin Horns: An American Classic
Melody Amsel-Arieli examines the once-popular dinner horn and its place in American life

Gunsmoke, Radio's "Smoking Gun"
Dorothy Rieke looks back at the famous classic radio drama that ran from 1952 to 1961

Dutch History Written in the Wind
Jane Eppinga looks at the importance of the windmill to the people of the Netherlands

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