Current: February/March 2017
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Opening Notes
Take a Mulligan; The Amorous Bug

"The Real Musketeer"
David A. Norris looks back at Alexandre Dumas' famous fictional 'musketeer' d'Artagnan, and the real-life person who was the basis for the character

Lord Dunmore and the Battle of Great Bridge
William Floyd Jr. looks at the events leading up to the expulsion of the British from the Colony of Virginia in December of 1775

William Walker: Filibusterer of Nicaragua
Brian D'Ambrosio recounts the short life of the remarkable and adventurous mid-19th century Tennessean

The Historic Hungarian Wines of Lake Balaton
Eric Bryan looks at Hungary's rich history through its famous Badacsony area and its wine production

'The Prince' Makes its Debut
Ray Cavanaugh looks at Niccolò Machiavelli and his provocative classic — The Prince

Parted For a Lifetime: The Story of Ada Lovelace and Lord Byron
David Scott Brown looks at the short life of the lady credited with being the first-ever computer programmer

Two Royal Escapes:
David McVey examines an interesting parallel in the lives of Charles II and Charles Edward Stuart

History of the Auto Train
John Christopher Fine looks at the history of a unique US rail service that has operated successfully for over forty years

The Malvern Hills and the Myth of Ancient Britain
David Lewiston Sharpe examines the melding of myth and history in the English Countryside

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