Spring 2022
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Opening Notes
What If?: US Presidents' Close Calls with Death; The Political Einstein; USS Constitution After the War of 1812; Hair Art: Fashion with a Macabre Twist

King Charles II
David A. Norris looks back at the sometimes tumultuous
25-year reign of the “Merry Monarch”

The Hurrah Game
Jonathan Shipley looks at the Civil War and the growth of baseball

Ambroise Paré
Father of Modern Surgery. By Julius Bonello, M.D. and George Tsourdinis, M.D.

"Seneca Chief at Appomattox"
Cyndy Irvine looks at the life and times of Ely Samuel Parker

Mary Anning: The Greatest Fossil Hunter in the World
Angela Youngman investigates a woman who became “The World’s First Great Practical Geologist”

Book Extract: The Professionals
One man’s courage during the bloodiest military campaign in aviation history. By Kevin Maurer

Diplomatic Dynamos
Terrence Cooley offers a look at the U.S. Secretaries of Great Consequence who left their mark

Condia Lynch: A Common Man from Tennessee
Julia Nunnally Duncan recounts the life of her great-uncle who served in WWI

A Mobster and Thacher Island
Paul Gordon looks at the life of Joe “The Animal” Barboza

The Man Who Shot Geronimo: Old West Photographer C.S. Fly
David McCormick looks at the life of the photographer who recorded the Old West

Virus Britannica: The Virus that Threatened Churchill
Theodore Pappas looks at how a little girl with chickenpox nearly altered world history

Without Warning
David Kruh looks at the 1972 fire and collapse of Boston’s Hotel Vendome

The Aroostook War
H.D. Ingles looks at a little-known border conflict that occurred
in the 1830s between the US and Great Britain

Book Extract: The Estrada Plot
How the FBI captured a secret army and stopped the invasion of Mexico. By Bill Mills

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