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Opening Notes
Thomas Jefferson – A Big Cheese President; The Colors of the Suffragrettes

The Puzzling Disappearance of the Mona Lisa
Chuck Lyons examines the events surrounding the early 20th century theft of the most famous painting in the world

“The Knights of the Air”
David A. Norris looks at military aviators of World War I

Albert Goodwill Spalding
David Funk looks at an icon to America's pastime and sporting goods industry

The Experience of a Lifetime: London’s 1851 Great Exhibition
Melody Amsel-Arieli looks back at an event that influenced international trade and inspired similar exhibitions for years to come

“Mr. President, Are You Badly Hurt?”
In an excerpt from his recent book, Fred Rosen examines the events leading up to the assassination of President James Garfield

Roman Bread – Panem Et Circenses
Andreas Forrer looks at the multi-faceted role of bread in Roman society

Bath Township, Michigan School Disaster
Chuck Lyons recounts the worst school killing in US history

The Underwater Discovery of the Georgiana: Part II
John Christopher Fine continues his look at the sinking of the Georgiana during the Civil War

Grant Wood's American Gothic
Brian D'Ambrosio looks back at American Gothic, possibly the most iconic painting of the 20th Century

Read All About It!
James Breig looks at how WWII soldiers consumed news though unit papers and newsletters

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