Oct/Nov 2017
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Gloria Edna (Tietgens) Sladek: On behalf of the staff at History Magazine I would like to express our deepest sympathies to the family of Gloria Edna (Tietgens) Sladek, 89, at her passing on 28 February 2017. Gloria was an enthusiastic writer, composer, poet and contributor to History Magazine over the last few years. Her article recounting the history of clowns appears in this issue.

Opening Notes
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The Irish Clay Pipe
Joseph Grandinetti looks at the history, popularity and decline of the iconic Irish smoke

Jack Dempsey: The Life of the "Manassa Mauler"
Brian D'Ambrosio looks at the life of the heavyweight champion from southern Colorado

The Rose Without a Thorn
Laura Grande tells how Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of Henry VIII, continues to fascinate and confound historians

Bring on the Clowns
Gloria Tietgens Sladek discovers that the clowning spirit is as old as civilization itself

"The Most Famous House in All of London"
David A. Norris looks at the Berners Street Hoax of 1810

The Forward Pass
David Funk looks at the play that saved the game of American football

The Secrets of the Desert
David Lewiston Sharpe examines hermits, monks and early egyptian monasteries

The Videophone: Unwanted Orphan
Garry Berman suggests that the videophone concept may have failed in its early incarnations, but has become entrenched in 21st century life

The Wreck of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald
Laureen Sauls-Lessard looks back at the 1975 marine tragedy on Lake Superior

The Billiken Craze
James Breig looks at how an odd toy captured the world, but cost its creator a fortune

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