June/July 2019
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Opening Notes
The Case of Bathsheba Spooner; Pencils

Krakatoa Eruption of 1883
David A. Norris explores the greatest explosion in history

Harbison's Honey
Malissa Stark-Rodenburg looks at the life of John Harbison King of the Beekeepers

Grand Canyon's Pioneer Architect
Jane Eppinga looks at the life and iconic contributions of Mary Colter

When Don Quixote Met a Bull Moose
Jeff Orens looks at the meeting between Theodore Roosevelt and Upton Sinclair that helped establish a new balance of power between government and big business

Trade Cards: Tidbits of Americana
Melody Amsel-Arieli looks at a period in the 19th century when colorful trade cards were all the rage

Pyrite: Much More than "Fools Gold"
Steve Voynick says that despite its unfortunate nickname, pyrite is a respectable and remarkable mineral

Bloody Saturday
Michael Dupuis looks at the Climax of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike

The Russians Were Coming
Ron Verzuh looks at the story of a forgotten Oregon immigrant colony

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