June/July 2018
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Opening Notes
Jet Train; Latrine Poo-Pas

From Dayton to Kill Devil Hill: The Wright Brothers and Their Flying Machine
David A. Norris recounts how two brothers from Dayton, Ohio changed the world forever

An Independent Vision: The Life of Berenice Abbott
Brian D'Ambrosio reflects on the remarkable life of one of America's pioneers in photography

Mary Dawson Snider: Lone Woman Reporter
Michael Dupuis looks at the dispatches of the only woman reporter to cover the 1919 Winnipeg general strike

The Grand Trunk Railway Disaster of 1864
Chuck Lyons examines the terrible railway disaster that took 99 lives

John Dillinger and the Man Who Got Him
John Christopher Fine reviews a tumultuous era in American history

Small Town Opera Houses
Melody Amsel-Arieli looks at the growth in popularity and eventual decline in these once-popular entertainment venues

The 1950s: Film Comedy's Decade of Drought
Garry Berman focuses on a decade when the motion picture comedy genre struggled to stay alive

Tower Houses
Eric Bryan glances back through time at the importance of tower house design

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