October/November 2018
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Opening Notes
Paying Homage to the Porcelain God; Emma Snodgrass

The Indispensable Poppy
David McVey reflects on the importance of the iconic symbol of the Great War

How the Fordson Tractor Changed Farming Forever
Fraser Sherman looks at how Henry Ford's prowess in mass-production impacted farming in America and beyond

The Heat Wave of 1911
Chuck Lyons tells of the searing heat that descended upon much of North America in 1911

Australia's Taste of Revolution
David A. Norris looks at the Eureka Rebellion of 1854

America Was Riveted by Rosie
James Breig looks back at a song that was the embodiment of the millions of women who joined the workforce in the early 1940s

Brigand, Poet, Barrister, or Physician?
Eric Bryan examines one of Dorsetshire's wayward sons

The Boston School Boy Cadets
David Kruh looks back at the requirement of military training for boys in Boston's public schools

A Weighty Issue Mailing Babies
David McCormick looks back to the early 20th century when the US Postal Service delivered babies and toddlers through the mails

Reconciling History
Cindy Blackstock, Ed Bianchi and Sylvia Smith show that it is better to improve how we teach future generations, rather than trying to forget the past

Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Andrew Hind looks back at the enormous contribution made by women to the Allied victory in WWII

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