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Opening Notes
Demon Core; The Penny - A History of Common Cents

The Gunpowder Plot
Don Hollway explodes the myths of one of history's first terrorist plots

Brother Dutton: Patriot and Missionary
Margaret Moen looks at the life of a man who first served his country, but also later gave his all in a life of "splendid Christian service

The Enticing Beauty of the Osage Orange
Melody Amsel-Arieli looks at a plant species with remarkable qualities and a storied history

Whole Community Wiped Out Worse Than Bombarded Town
Michael Dupuis offers a look into the aftermath of the 1917 Halifax Explosion through the eyes of one journalist

Letters in a Tube: The Rise and Demise of Pneumatic Mail
Charles Bush M.D. looks at the innovative and once popular method of mail delivery

The Carolina Parakeet
David A. Norris looks at the history behind the decline and eventual extinction of North America's native parrot

The Underwater Discovery of the Georgiana: Part I
John Christopher Fine looks at the sunken treasures of the Civil War and the real history of Gone With the Wind

The Remarkable Mrs. Wait
Dr. Stuart D. Scott recounts the story of a colonial woman's struggle to save her husband from the death penalty

Breathing Life into History
Julius Bonello and Andrei Froehling mount a search for a rare 16th century text that first mentioned the discovery of pulmonary circulation

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