August/September 2018
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Opening Notes
Ice Skates; Silk Road

Twilight Triumphant: The Best Ex-Presidents
Terrence Cooley looks at seven US Presidents who achieved success after their terms in office

British Monarch, American Sport
James Breig looks at the 1918 baseball game played at Stamford Bridge Stadium in Chelsea between the US Army and Navy

Chuck Lyons looks at the history of the enduring game that continues to fascinate and entertain the world over

Operation Blue Jay
Mary Clisham looks at the building of an airbase in a remote region of Greenland during the Cold War

London Bridge
David A. Norris takes a look back at the history of the iconic span over the River Thames

Prelude to Victory
Christopher Johnston looks back at industrialist Frederick C. Crawford's tour of the Western Front in the late stages of WWII

Penniless But Powerful
Matthew Wilding looks at how Ebenezer Mackintosh and the lower classes brought about revolution in America

St. Fiacre: The Patron Saint of Hemorrhoid Sufferers
By Dr. Julius Bonello and Dr. Carley Demchuk

Go Forth and Multiply (Legitimately)
Robbie Gorr examines the Succession Crisis of 1817

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