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Opening Notes
Eliza Shirley; The American Diner

The Quest for Sir Thomas Malory
Eric Bryan looks at the figure believed to be the author of the earliest published work of English prose

Conestoga Wagons and Prairie Schooners
David A. Norris looks at iconic symbols of transportation in the pre-railroad era

The Notorious Maxwell Brothers
Constance R. Cherba looks back at the events that culminated in vigilante justice in Pepin County, Wisconsin

Sons, Lovers and the Nazis
Jack Flanagan looks at the role of gay men in early 20th century Germany's National Socialist Party

The Pursuit of the Bismarck
Don Hollway sails full steam ahead into one of history's last great battleship duels

How African American Inventor Garrett A. Morgan Changed the World
Robyn McGee looks at the struggles and enormous contributions he made to make lives better for everyone

Once Upon a Time, In Venice
Peter Garland M.A. looks at the early 17th century diplomatic life of Sir Henry Wotton

The Green Square in America
Peter Gisolfi examines how the concept of the urban square in American cities was born out of old world influences

Mark Twain and the Epilepsy Connection
Charles Bush M.D. explores the tragic effect of epilepsy on the family of Samuel Clemens

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