December/January 2019
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Opening Notes
Steam Calliope; Claw Foot Bathtubs

The Man Who Would be Santa Claus
Jane Eppinga lifts the veil on how one man created an enduring image of Christmas

Lord Lucan's Scandal
Andrew Hind investigates the murder of the mistress of the third Earl of Lucan in 19th century Piccadilly

Wigs and Hair Powder
David A. Norris looks at the once popular fashion practiced by men and women alike

The Ghost Camps of Katahdin
Matt Chabe looks at the early days of logging in the Katahdin Woods of Maine

Gorgeous George: The Man Who Gave Us Showbiz
David Funk looks at the life of the iconic wrestling star that changed wrestling and television forever

The Life and Death of the Necropolis Railway
Alex Kashko looks at the famed 19th century London railway that transported the dearly departed to their eternal place of rest

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor: Abdication and Afterwards
Mark Weisenmiller tells the story of the lives of the most famous love couple of the 20th century

Happy Hogmanay!
Christine Woodcock explains the significance of a Scottish celebration steeped in tradition and ritual

The Empress of England
Beverley Bley recounts childhood memories of her travel to Canada on a flagship liner of the day

The Cult of Aphrodite in Corinth
Andreas Forrer examines the cult and temple of Aphrodite in Ancient Greece

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