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Opening Notes
Trivia: Hansom Cab, Habsburg Chin

England's Worst King?
David A. Norris looks at the unfortunate reign of King John

The Lightning Hay Knife
Andrew Hind looks at an implement that helped revolutionize the hay harvest of yesteryear

Sex and the Founding Fathers
Thomas A. Foster shares an excerpt from his book, Sex and the Founding Fathers: The American Quest for a Relatable Past, and examines the perception of John Adams through history

Ernie Pyle: Remembering a Journalistic Jewel
Brian D'Ambrosio looks at the short life of one of the most revered war correspondents of the 20th century

Bloodshed at Fort Dearborn
Jennie McKee recounts the 1812 clash between native Americans and US Troops in present-day Chicago

John C. Breckinridge: What a Life!
William Floyd Jr. looks at the busy, yet short life of John Cabell Breckinridge

The Fountain of Youth
Matthew Cimitile examines Spanish Conquistador Ponce de León's quest for the waters of eternal life

The Woods Runner
Don Hollway recounts the life of Étienne Brűlé and his contribution to the exploration of the New World

A Medical History of Tobacco: A View From Below
Julius Bonello, MD looks at the medical history of the "evil" weed and some of its strange applications over the last few thousand years

Lenin: The Evolution of Marxism and the Road to Revolution
Matthew Cimitile looks at the man who ultimately laid the groundwork for the rise of the Bolshevik Party and eventually ushered in the first communist state onto the world stage

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