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Opening Notes
Trivia: Washboards and War Garden

Compassionate Lincoln
Victor M. Parachin looks at letters written by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War, revealing a man who maintained a human touch throughout the ugliness of the War itself

Lewis and Clark: The Corps of Discovery
David A. Norris recounts the journey of Meriweather Lewis and William Clark to find a water route to the far reaches of the western coast of the newly expanded United States

Cruise the Columbia River: Experience History!
If your passion is history, then check out an amazing historical adventure cruise that takes you through Lewis and Clark country

Reaping of Kings: The Battle of Clontarf
At Clontarf, on Good Friday a thousand years ago, the Irish united under High King Brian Boru to expel the Vikings from Erin. By Don Hollway

The Man Who Almost Killed St. Patrick
Ray Cavanaugh examines Macc Cuill's spiritual odyssey from murderous robber to patron saint

Romance and History at the Ramona
Pamela Kleibrink Thompson looks back at a famous Michigan entertainment hot spot that is still rolling today

The Race Underground
In an extract from his new book, The Race Underground: Boston, New York, and the Incredible Rivalry That Built America's First Subway, Doug Most reveals an incredible competition between two cities

The Disastrous Reign of Constance X Ducas
Erich B. Anderson examines the leadership of one individual and how it led to the eventual downfall of the Byzantine Empire

Basil Rathbone: WWI Hero
Eric Niderost looks at the military life of a man we would eventually come to know as Sherlock Holmes's Digging Up the Roots
Pirates of the Pacific: Bully Hayes and His Marauding Ways

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