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Opening Notes
Trivia: Magnifying Glass, Cuneiform Writing

A Rare Titanic Family
Julie Hedgepeth Williams shares an extract from her book, A Rare Titanic Family, detailing the escape of her great-uncle Albert Caldwell and his family from the ill-fated liner in 1912

Captain Kidd
David A. Norris examines the history of one of the most infamous buccaneers to ply the shores of North America

Franklin Roosevelt's Path to Greatness
Herbert Levy offers a slightly different view of Franklin Roosevelt's rise to the office of President of the United States

Major League Espionage
Andrew Hind looks at the spy career of former Red Sox catcher Morris "Moe" Berg

Godiva's Ride
Don Hollway takes a peep at the naked truth about the legendary lady who bared all for her people

The Secret of Oltre il Colle
Constance R. Cherba visits the location and recounts the crash of a US B-24 Liberator, Lady Irene, near the summit of Mount Menna in the Italian Alps in WWII

The History of Weather Forecasting
Chuck Lyons looks at the evolution of weather forecasting and concludes it is not a perfect science despite technological advances

Humphreys' Specifics
Melody Amsel-Arieli looks at the contribution of Dr. Frederick K. Humphreys to early homeopathic medicine

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